My Newgrounds... Career?

2012-10-06 01:37:50 by GristlyBear

I thought I'd take a moment and go through my experience of Newgrounds from me first joining to now. It's been somewhat of a long journey, and my work has undergone some improvement. For example, I went through puberty!

Anyways, I joined back in 4/4/06, under the still-existing username "blackcat2000". Some basic math indicates that I joined when I was 13, so apparently I was legal. Ha.

My first attempt at an animation (more or less) involved an atomic explosion that I based off some tutorials, such as this. Then because an explosion on it's own apparently doesn't constitute a Newgrounds-worthy animation, I made up a story (as in, literally built the story around this explosion given the sprite sheet I found), and eventually ended up with Baby Bowser Adventure.

Then, lured by the awesome of non-sprite action, I turned to drawing my own blobs. I mean characters. Bearing in mind that having what some would call a "story" made my first animation awesome (in today's terms, "pass judgement"), it was about Christmas, and I used some snazzy tricks I picked up in other tutorials, such as making a revolving Earth. Oh, and copy pasting code to make a custom mouse. Christmas Party!

The next few are pretty similar and lackluster, so I'll mark my next big step as the desire to actually do frame by frame animation. Having "drawn" in Flash, I was ready to attempt the elusive and supposedly awesome art of frame by frame. I wanted to try and spend time making an awesome picture of nature, as seen in the first frames of 1000 Frames. Unfortunately, my patience wavered after about 4 frames, and the rest of the thousand frames were more or less a stream of consciousness (limited by my abilities, of course). A Thousand Two Frames was similar, featuring different drawings, and somewhat more complexity, I suppose.

Then Michael Jackson died. I made this, but I'm only really mentioning it cuz it was sarcastic and kind of talky. Which I like.

Having established something of a drawing style, in the sense that I was drawing more than blobs, the next step for me was a story. The Mole was moderately story boarded, and I spent some actual time figuring out what the mole should actually look like. I fooled around a bit and was pretty proud of it. Still kind of am.

This is where I changed from blackcat2000 to webufs.

Wanting to follow through with the whole story-boarding thing, I invented a couple OCs (original characters, for those unacquainted with the acronyms of the times... or something...). This amalgamated in Ropey Rick and Friends. It turned out okay, but... not much beyond that. Still a cool idea, and I like my characters, but beyond a potential future revisit, 1 episode is where it'll stay.

And now Hairy Potter, the closest I've come to making something I'm at least modestly proud of. Based off my naive interpretation of the movie, I put it all together in 4 days (I exited my room on occasion to do voice acting in a closet and eat). It was fun, and getting a daily award was awesome.

Having worked a bunch with animations, and having learned a bit of programming (C++) in university, I tried my hand at some games. These games (namely This Is My Life and I Like To Relax), are decent, but are primarily composed of if statements and other rudimentary code (and thanks to those who helped me, you know who you are 8D). I'm not particularly proud of these games, mostly due to so little actually happening in them, but mostly because they don't seem to work for everyone, but I hope my next game will be interesting. Hopefully it'd work too.

Also, today (or yesterday, based on Newgrounds time) I became a supporter. I'm a pretty cheap person, and I don't typically buy things, but having been through so much on Newgrounds, I figured it was far more than worthy of $25, even if it's annual. SO TAKE MY MONEY ALREADY DAMMIT.

Last little thing is my username. I've changed it once, but I'd like to change it again. I'm guessing Wade ignored the one I sent 3-4 weeks ago, and hopefully Tom gets the one I sent about 4 days ago. I'd really like to have it changed without having to restart again.

With regards to the picture, I killed a giant fly about a week ago. It's kind of blurry, but it was about 1.1cm long.

I've been on Newgrounds for a while, my animation style and skill have changed considerably, and I'd like someone with the power to change usernames to... change my username.

EDIT: Hmm... I don't know what I'd prefer with my username anymore. I'd probably prefer to keep my current username, but if Tom changes it, I'm cool with that too.

EDIT2: As of now (10/10/12), I shall be known as GristlyBear! Thanks Tom!

My Newgrounds... Career?


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2012-10-06 04:22:48

You can PM Wade to change your username, if it is available he will. I've had it done.


2012-10-06 05:02:19

Your animation has really improved, not just considerably (as so as your writing).
Webufs is actually a pretty cool name.
Thank God that pic is blurry.
Ask Wade.


2012-10-06 08:15:07

No, PM Tom or Mike, they change names much quicker than Wade.


2012-10-06 09:02:49

keep it mate


2012-12-18 07:15:35

Bitchin' responses to the survey, and an impressive career you've described!
Murder scene photography? Obviously a temperate climate flying bug-thing....