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Overall it was alright, perhaps I would have enjoyed it more if I was familiar with the material you're paying a tribute to. The art was nice and nothing looked out of place, but I feel like there was a lack of much 'actual' animation and stuff happening in general. I'd say most, if not all, the animation consisted of motion tweening or silhouettes shifting, which isn't bad, but comes off as a little underwhelming to me. Coming from your news post, I notice the extensive use of vcam, but perhaps there could be a little more in those scenic shots (e.g. more than the tip of a building or cloud).

I found the music to be pretty fitting to the mood of relaxing and not having a whole lot going on, and I do like your drawings, so with a little more action, I think I'd really enjoy your future work. Cheers!

Noisy responds:

thanks, your'e totally right ;)

I really enjoyed this!

The animation was fluid, the drawings were great, and the sound effects were plentiful and of a good quality. All that makes a good animation, but coupled with the decent script it was quite entertaining.
It seems like this is the first episode of a series featuring Alex and Andrew, and despite the shortness, I think you did a pretty good job of introducing the pair. The music and almost entirely black and white animation (the happy toast is the anomaly) made it a great simple-slapstick feel.
I really like the classic feel, so there's nothing really to suggest. I do want to emphasize that I really liked this!


Glad to see it!

So I take it that the animator took some drugs and came up with an idea?
The frame by frame was awesomely smooth, but the jerkiness of the pills seemed a little off (they defied gravity for a second, then lagged out of the bottle). Then, perhaps more understandably, the first running cycle of the sketched figure made it seem like his arms were really far from his body (it seemed off, but it was smooth and one could say it's off because the dream is materializing).
Other than that, I liked the animation, drawing styles, and somewhat simplistic yet really effective color scheme. The idea seems great too, I took it to mean that you can't force an idea onto paper.

Best of luck in the final round!

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Glad to see this on Newgrounds!

A great game with a lot of great features! Simple, sleek, and yet sophisticatedly customizable. There are unlockable guns, unlockable upgrades, which means a lot of replay value. Not to mention that within each game, there are achievements to strive for.

I feel greatly privileged to have been offered the opportunity to play test this game, and I absolutely love how it turned out! Best of luck for this and all your future projects!


IronZilla responds:

Webufs, you are the man!

Thanks for you support as always, and it was great having you on board as a beta tester :)

It's an alright game once you're used to it.

This was a pretty good game as far as single-button games go. It's responsive, the art is pleasing to the eye, and there are medals to boot. At first the fact that you can't control horizontal movement was kind of annoying, most notably when I jump those few pixels too early, resulting in death-by-monetary-inflation rather than claiming another paycheck, but in the end it made it a more relaxing game, having to only care about when I jump, rather than frustrating myself with failing to wall-jump or to make that last platform. In that way, the simplicity of the game worked for me.
My other other real issue was the grammar. While it doesn't affect the gameplay per se, in my eyes, bad grammar in a final product isn't appealing. If you would have it checked over by someone who is "good" at english, it wouldn't take too much time, but it would make the game notably better.
Don't get me wrong, I liked the game though!

Also, for you medal-seekers out there, if you read the block of text that appears before you begin the game, it mentions that you're collecting 10 years of pay, hint hint ;)


Great idea for a tower defence!

This game was awesome, particularly for the new spin on tower defences. I typically turn off my music when I play games (repetition is laaame!) so having new songs every time you play a new level is great. Not to mention that I love when things go to a beat, so spawning enemies to a sick song makes me really enjoy this game.
The replay value is there too, not only because of the aforementioned song choices, but due to the difficulty levels (2 is great, I detest having to repeat levels more than 4 times for completionist medals).
Now, I'm not an audio producer, but I also appreciate the exposure this game offers to artists that are involved, which helps out the audio artists too.
Great game, I loved it!


FrozenFire responds:

The musicians of NG really do some amazing work!

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