Rainbow octopi and laziness!

2013-07-06 15:28:20 by GristlyBear

Let's make this quick and to the point!

I'm making the art for an upcoming vertical shooter game I'm making with MSGhero (programmer), but don't wait up, cuz apparently I'm hella slow at making art. However! I assure you the art'll be FANTASTIC, as evidenced by the lil' scene of an octopus dance party (link below). Now, if you're not prone to epileptic seizures, then I recommend you watch it for some thrill-inducing fluidity! If not, I would advise against it, but perhaps you could get someone who CAN watch it, and have them describe the awesomeness (or, well, lack thereof, if you would like to make me sad).

Chromatic octopi!

I'm sure MSGhero would appreciate it if you left some demeaning comment(s) down below telling me to work harder, and/or any questions or comments. For now, enjoy this picture of octopi. "Fun" fact: it's my desktop background at the moment!

Rainbow octopi and laziness!


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2013-07-06 15:56:04

Work harder.

GristlyBear responds: