Entry #15

Barfin' colorful contents!

2013-08-08 23:51:35 by GristlyBear

Das crazy! I've released an astonishing whole TWO pieces of content in 2 weeks! Unfortunately, this might be all for the next little bit as I'll probably be on a hiatus of sorts as I make some art for another game (still fairly far from completion, sorry!) and generally become a lil' lazy, flash-wise. I think I should pick up a major in run-on sentences.

Anyways, here's a link to ReGurBitate, a name that oh-so-cleverly combines 'regurgitate' and RGB8. As the 'RGB8' suggests, it's a color-related game, but I do have a concept that could see the game recreated with a color-blind mode. I see potential in that for a couple reasons:
- I don't want my love to be limited to just ye full color-seers (whom I do love, of course)
- I have the framework in ReGurBitate, so in theory, there wouldn't be that much work to be done
- I'd probably rework a lot of the code anyways, which would mean an overall better running game (and work for me, yay...)

What do you guys think? Would it be worth it to do such a thing? It'd also mean more medals for y'all achievement hunters (yayy?)

In other mostly unrelated news, I've made an appointment to donate blood next week. First time I tried didn't happen since apparently I hadn't drank enough water beforehand, but I'll be sure that isn't an issue this time. I was intending to concoct some blatantly self-righteous statements here, but I'm gonna regret going to bed so late in a few hours as is, so I'ma curtail this here... and now...

A little summary (plus a little extra, just because):

- Check out ReGurBitate! Do you think I should follow through (eventually) with a color-blind alternative? I think I have all the concepts and ideas ready, but do you think I should follow through, or pursue an entirely different avenue/game concept?

- I also made this mini-game about half a year ago, here's a preview, which to my knowledge, worked fairly well. I do recall survivor mode being kind of buggy, but concept-wise, I'm wondering if I should bother polishing it up and submitting it. Perhaps I could bundle it with the alternate version of ReGurBitate, oooohhh!

Blip bloop bleep. Hi!


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2013-08-09 09:18:21

First link doesn't work. ERROR — You do not have permission to view this page.

GristlyBear responds:

I'm an idiot, should be fixed now!


2013-08-09 15:57:07

What am I looking at sir?

GristlyBear responds:

Can't see your screen, so I'm not sure! I'm guessing it's either a game I released recently, or a small game I'm not sure I should bother releasing. Amirite? Amirite?