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GristlyBear's News

Posted by GristlyBear - August 8th, 2013

Das crazy! I've released an astonishing whole TWO pieces of content in 2 weeks! Unfortunately, this might be all for the next little bit as I'll probably be on a hiatus of sorts as I make some art for another game (still fairly far from completion, sorry!) and generally become a lil' lazy, flash-wise. I think I should pick up a major in run-on sentences.

Anyways, here's a link to ReGurBitate, a name that oh-so-cleverly combines 'regurgitate' and RGB8. As the 'RGB8' suggests, it's a color-related game, but I do have a concept that could see the game recreated with a color-blind mode. I see potential in that for a couple reasons:
- I don't want my love to be limited to just ye full color-seers (whom I do love, of course)
- I have the framework in ReGurBitate, so in theory, there wouldn't be that much work to be done
- I'd probably rework a lot of the code anyways, which would mean an overall better running game (and work for me, yay...)

What do you guys think? Would it be worth it to do such a thing? It'd also mean more medals for y'all achievement hunters (yayy?)

In other mostly unrelated news, I've made an appointment to donate blood next week. First time I tried didn't happen since apparently I hadn't drank enough water beforehand, but I'll be sure that isn't an issue this time. I was intending to concoct some blatantly self-righteous statements here, but I'm gonna regret going to bed so late in a few hours as is, so I'ma curtail this here... and now...

A little summary (plus a little extra, just because):

- Check out ReGurBitate! Do you think I should follow through (eventually) with a color-blind alternative? I think I have all the concepts and ideas ready, but do you think I should follow through, or pursue an entirely different avenue/game concept?

- I also made this mini-game about half a year ago, here's a preview, which to my knowledge, worked fairly well. I do recall survivor mode being kind of buggy, but concept-wise, I'm wondering if I should bother polishing it up and submitting it. Perhaps I could bundle it with the alternate version of ReGurBitate, oooohhh!

Blip bloop bleep. Hi!

Posted by GristlyBear - July 25th, 2013

'Course ya do! Coincidentally, I just uploaded a movie about them! And because you're absolutely dying to see it now, here's a link:

Double D Donuts

I spent a good 40+ hours over the past week pounding away at it (pun unintended), not including the time to plan, develop, and refine the script, and I'm fairly proud of the outcome. Uhm. And I don't really know what else to say, because it really just boils down to me having made a flash about really big donuts. But don't get me wrong, while I love big donuts, I also appreciate the smaller ones. In fact, I originally planned to dedicate a good 20% of the video talking about a potential "double acorn" product.

Ultimately, I just want y'all to know that while I've animated an expression of love for the larger donuts, I am in fact receptive to most any kind of donut: big or small, chocolate or vanilla, sweet or bitchy. Maybe not so much the bitchy ones, but who am I to judge?


Posted by GristlyBear - July 6th, 2013

Let's make this quick and to the point!

I'm making the art for an upcoming vertical shooter game I'm making with MSGhero (programmer), but don't wait up, cuz apparently I'm hella slow at making art. However! I assure you the art'll be FANTASTIC, as evidenced by the lil' scene of an octopus dance party (link below). Now, if you're not prone to epileptic seizures, then I recommend you watch it for some thrill-inducing fluidity! If not, I would advise against it, but perhaps you could get someone who CAN watch it, and have them describe the awesomeness (or, well, lack thereof, if you would like to make me sad).

Chromatic octopi!

I'm sure MSGhero would appreciate it if you left some demeaning comment(s) down below telling me to work harder, and/or any questions or comments. For now, enjoy this picture of octopi. "Fun" fact: it's my desktop background at the moment!

Rainbow octopi and laziness!

Posted by GristlyBear - October 6th, 2012

I thought I'd take a moment and go through my experience of Newgrounds from me first joining to now. It's been somewhat of a long journey, and my work has undergone some improvement. For example, I went through puberty!

Anyways, I joined back in 4/4/06, under the still-existing username "blackcat2000". Some basic math indicates that I joined when I was 13, so apparently I was legal. Ha.

My first attempt at an animation (more or less) involved an atomic explosion that I based off some tutorials, such as this. Then because an explosion on it's own apparently doesn't constitute a Newgrounds-worthy animation, I made up a story (as in, literally built the story around this explosion given the sprite sheet I found), and eventually ended up with Baby Bowser Adventure.

Then, lured by the awesome of non-sprite action, I turned to drawing my own blobs. I mean characters. Bearing in mind that having what some would call a "story" made my first animation awesome (in today's terms, "pass judgement"), it was about Christmas, and I used some snazzy tricks I picked up in other tutorials, such as making a revolving Earth. Oh, and copy pasting code to make a custom mouse. Christmas Party!

The next few are pretty similar and lackluster, so I'll mark my next big step as the desire to actually do frame by frame animation. Having "drawn" in Flash, I was ready to attempt the elusive and supposedly awesome art of frame by frame. I wanted to try and spend time making an awesome picture of nature, as seen in the first frames of 1000 Frames. Unfortunately, my patience wavered after about 4 frames, and the rest of the thousand frames were more or less a stream of consciousness (limited by my abilities, of course). A Thousand Two Frames was similar, featuring different drawings, and somewhat more complexity, I suppose.

Then Michael Jackson died. I made this, but I'm only really mentioning it cuz it was sarcastic and kind of talky. Which I like.

Having established something of a drawing style, in the sense that I was drawing more than blobs, the next step for me was a story. The Mole was moderately story boarded, and I spent some actual time figuring out what the mole should actually look like. I fooled around a bit and was pretty proud of it. Still kind of am.

This is where I changed from blackcat2000 to webufs.

Wanting to follow through with the whole story-boarding thing, I invented a couple OCs (original characters, for those unacquainted with the acronyms of the times... or something...). This amalgamated in Ropey Rick and Friends. It turned out okay, but... not much beyond that. Still a cool idea, and I like my characters, but beyond a potential future revisit, 1 episode is where it'll stay.

And now Hairy Potter, the closest I've come to making something I'm at least modestly proud of. Based off my naive interpretation of the movie, I put it all together in 4 days (I exited my room on occasion to do voice acting in a closet and eat). It was fun, and getting a daily award was awesome.

Having worked a bunch with animations, and having learned a bit of programming (C++) in university, I tried my hand at some games. These games (namely This Is My Life and I Like To Relax), are decent, but are primarily composed of if statements and other rudimentary code (and thanks to those who helped me, you know who you are 8D). I'm not particularly proud of these games, mostly due to so little actually happening in them, but mostly because they don't seem to work for everyone, but I hope my next game will be interesting. Hopefully it'd work too.

Also, today (or yesterday, based on Newgrounds time) I became a supporter. I'm a pretty cheap person, and I don't typically buy things, but having been through so much on Newgrounds, I figured it was far more than worthy of $25, even if it's annual. SO TAKE MY MONEY ALREADY DAMMIT.

Last little thing is my username. I've changed it once, but I'd like to change it again. I'm guessing Wade ignored the one I sent 3-4 weeks ago, and hopefully Tom gets the one I sent about 4 days ago. I'd really like to have it changed without having to restart again.

With regards to the picture, I killed a giant fly about a week ago. It's kind of blurry, but it was about 1.1cm long.

I've been on Newgrounds for a while, my animation style and skill have changed considerably, and I'd like someone with the power to change usernames to... change my username.

EDIT: Hmm... I don't know what I'd prefer with my username anymore. I'd probably prefer to keep my current username, but if Tom changes it, I'm cool with that too.

EDIT2: As of now (10/10/12), I shall be known as GristlyBear! Thanks Tom!

My Newgrounds... Career?

Posted by GristlyBear - July 29th, 2012

Acrostic poems are win!

Just some random information for y'all, list-style:

I have my first final for this term tomorrow. I'm gonna get destroyed by Physics.

I'l be done my finals in about 2 weeks, HOORAH!

After my finals, I'm gonna be flying to Singapore for a couple weeks.

The trip is gonna be about 30 hours total, so the plan is for me to do a ton of programming during the flight.

I will probably get stuck 5 minutes into the flight and not have any internet to help me.

Hopefully whatever I end up doing/making will be posted soon thereafter (I'd rather not do too much programming during my short overseas visit!)

I don't know what else to share, so have some doodles; I call the page "flipping shit".


Edit: Maybe with a subject about fun shit - I mean stuff, - I should've actually made something and posted a picture of it. MAYBE NEXT TIME!

We Engineers Build U Fun Sh...tuff

Posted by GristlyBear - June 9th, 2012

Peanutty butter sounds kind of gross.
A buttery peanut... could be good (mm... calories...)
Peanutless butter would be like... a company's warning against lawsuits or something.
A butterless peanut sounds like... a normal peanut.
Now peanut butter. Mmm, peanut butter.

On to my future game developing possibilities!

I have a concept in mind, and I've managed to make an extremely basic (although somewhat functioning) skeleton of what it will be like, and it was surprisingly close to what I envisioned, which is good. I'm trying to learn classes and whatnot in AS3 so I can make a game that's actually involving (see my latest games for an example of 'not-involving', but try and focus on the art of "I Like To Relax" instead so as to not hurt my feelings :D).

What I'd like to know are things you'd like in a game. I'll list what I have so far (obviously I haven't told you what the game is about, but we can keep it general for now, it won't be out for... another 3-4 months, after I'm done this academic term):
Shop with upgrades.
Customizable game field and props (ie a paddle that can change size).
Somewhat straigtforward, yet challenging rules.
Sandbox mode.

Now as I've said, these are kind of generic, but if you have any other ideas (specific or not) that generally make a good game, do share! I'll try and post updates whenever I get chances to work on it. I'm busy working on doing well on my second term as a mechanical engineer, midterms start in 2 days, wish me luck (on a related note, if this post makes no sense whatsoever, let me tell you that writing this helped me maintain sanity after many, many hours of calculus review :P)!

In the meantime, peanut butter!!!

EDIT: On another note, should I modify my display picture? I like simple, but I feel like it could also do with a little more... finesse.

Peanut Butter no Peanut Butter

Posted by GristlyBear - June 7th, 2012

Welcome to my page!

I've recently posted my games to Kongregate (and quite possibly a few more sites in the near future), so if you're hailing from yonderlands (ie not Newgrounds), greetings!

I make animations, and have recently ventured into the foreboding lands of game development. As you can tell by my recent games, I'm not that great, but I'm hoping to get better someday. I'm developing a game, but it's on hold to allow me to study for my exams properly, and that game will be tons more involving (I've worked on it a little, and it's already very... game-like, for lack of a better term).

Regardless, I must get back to my studies, enjoy!


Posted by GristlyBear - February 11th, 2012

Thoughts are running through my head...
Ghosts of a memory, passing by,
Like hours, nay, days of a life...
What am I doing? What could I be doing?...
Time is relentless, never slowing,
Time is eternal, never stopping...
I know what I must do, but how will I do it?
Am I assuming things? Will I really do it?
The questions never stop, just like the wind,
The questions unanswered, just like time...
Shifting in my seat; I know I know, but I also don't.
The year has started, I fell behind.
But I'm a sprinter, that's my kind.
I'll catch back up, I'll push through it.
In front of my computer, bit by bit.
The effort it takes, to assimilate:
The will I need, to animate.


Posted by GristlyBear - December 21st, 2011

What to do, what to do...
I have a rough storyboard for a seemingly viable idea, what now, what now...


Posted by GristlyBear - October 3rd, 2011

How are you today?